Wheeler Log Cabin

The hardwood tree forest at 22 Winchester Road consist of xxxx number of mature trees and xxxx number of young trees ranging from 6 months to 5 years old. The hardwood forest continues to expand as we plant seeds, they germinate into saplings, then we transfer the new saplings out into the existing pasture fields.

We increased our hardwood forest in the year 2008 big time by planting 100 trees we purchased from Central Florida Lands & Timber Nursery, LLC in Mayo, Florida. These trees were one year old, 1 gallon containers and a variety of species as recommended in our FSMP plan..

Our methodology for planting trees in bulk is as follows:

. Layout the site using landscape flags for markers spacing the markers at least 20 feet apart.

. Drill a hole at each marker using the tractor and post hole digger. Back fill the hole and remove any sod. This step should be done well in advance of planting the trees to allow the dirt to settle back into the hole.

. Plant the tree by scooping out enough dirt to allow the top of the ball to be level with the ground.

. Back fill the hole half way with dirt and then pour a half gallon of water around the ball of the tree. This should remove any air pockets.

. After the water drains back fill the remainder of the hole with dirt to the level of the ground.

. Use the remainder of the dirt to make a moat around the out edge of the hole. This will make a reservoir for holding the water.

. Add another half gallon of water.

. Enclose the trunk with 1/2" wire mesh about 6" high. This will keep the mulch back from the trunk and keep critters from chewing on the new plant.

. Add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the wire mesh as far out as the hole. We used horse bedding as mulch for this purpose.

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Image of Pots Image of John Image of Mel Image of Shumard Image of Walnut Tree Image of Red Maple Tree Image of Sweetgum Tree Image of Tree Plot